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Motorola EVX-S24

The latest edition to the eVergeTM range is an ideal lightweight companion for working outdoors or around water.



  • Ultra Compact Design
  • IP67 Dust And Water Resistance
  • Unique ID Private Calling
  • 12 Hours Digital Operation
  • Intelligent Audio Noise Cancellation
  • Transmit Interrupt for Priority Calls
  • Site Search with Automatic Scanning for Networks
  • Four Programmable Buttons


Radio Type: Digital/Analogue

Weight (grams): 215

Number of Channels: 256 / 16

Power Output (watts): Digital 0.5 – 3.0; Analog 0.5 – 2.0

Frequency: VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (403-527 MHz)

Battery Life (hours): 11.5



The latest edition to the eVergeTM range is an ideal lightweight companion for working outdoors or around water.

Sometimes we have no choice but work in conditions which are not idea for electronic equipment.

The EVX-S24 is built for reliability and durability in difficult conditions. Rated according to the IP67 international standard, its tough black casing is fully dust resistant and waterproof. It can even withstand full submersion in up to 1m of water for 30 minutes, providing peace of mind from spillages and around open water.

But this eVergeTM model is not just a two way radio for use around water. Its ultra compact and lightweight design also makes it a suitable choice for fast paced, mobile environment, such as light industry, retail, hospitals and education. At just 215g in weight, it is smaller than the average smartphone, making it extremely portable. And with just four function buttons conveniently placed on the front and side, it is easy and intuitive to use on the move.

Packed into its tough black casing are a wide range of high quality features. As a digital radio, the EVX-S24 benefits for exceptional call quality, with intelligent audio to reduce background noise and automatic adjustments to voice clarity. It also maximises available channels with a Direct Mode feature which allows simultaneous calls on the same frequency.

Other advanced digital features include private calling, which uses unique user IDs to send send direct messages to individual users. It operates an Interrupt Transmission mode which will override all other calls on the network, a useful safety feature in emergencies.

Although developed as a digital two way radio, the EVX-S24 also operates in analogue mode, conveniently meaning it will still connect to existing radio in a fleet. In digital mode, it has a standard battery life of 12 hours, and 11 hours in analogue mode.