Brentwood Construction have supplied two way radios to Bouygues for many years to help onsite communications for many of their prestigious developments. Bouygues approached Brentwood when their onsite crane operators needed a reliable hands free communication system, used to contact members of staff on site and in the control centres. If not managed correctly, health and safety can be compromised by not having proper crane systems in place.

To allow the operator full control of the crane, Brentwood installed a “goose mic” in to the cranes cab, fitted directly in front of the operator. Instead of having to press a button to activate the radio for transmission, engineers installed a foot pedal, which would be used in place of the press to talk button on the side of a radio.

The hands free solution installed made it possible for crane operators to make and receive calls while keeping their hands free. This increased productivity, reduced the likelyhood of accidents, and gave management piece of mind to know their operators have the most reliable equipment.